Final Fantasy XV Guide: Dungeon Door Locations

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Final Fantasy XV has got many locked dungeons in the game which offer big rewards. Beating monsters in these dungeons are more difficult as compared to the ones in the side and main quests. Each door unlocked increases the difficulty level of monsters in that room. This dungeon door locations guide will show the locations of these dungeon doors in the game.

First up though, you need key to unlock these dungeons.

How to Unlock Dungeon Door in Final Fantasy XV

  1. You have to finish the game first.
  2. Then, play Menace Beneath Lucis Quest. This quest will put you on a path to find the dungeons.
  3. Then, find Ezma in Risorath Basin and get a Dungeon Seal Key from her.
  4. Use the key to unlock the following dungeons.

Final Fantasy XV Dungeon Door Locations

Balouve Mines

  • In the Kingdom of Locis, south of Callaegh Steps. At the south side of camp site near the old railway track.
  • Rewards: Death Penalty and powerful Apocalypse blade.

Fociaugh and Castlemark Tower

  • It is located in a forest and is available only at night. Go to the west of The Three Valley. Locate Maiacchi Hills by following the mountain area. There are two dungeons here – Fociaugh and Castlemark Tower.
  • Rewards: Fociaugh offers Organyx daggers, Enchancer sword and Castlemark Tower offers Soul of Thamasa, Dark Matter Bracelet and Divine Whiskers.

Crestholm Channels

  • Take route south of Hammerhead and locate Ostium Gorge.
  • Rewards: Mighty Guard, Blue Diamond Bracelet and Gigas Bangle.

Daurel Caverns

  • Check the south side of map and look for fishing point, near Schier Heights.
  • Rewards: Moogle charm accessory

Greyshire Glacial Grotto

  • Go south from the Vesperpool.
  • Rewards: Wizard Shield and Executioner.

Keycatrich Trench

  • This one is located in the mining region towards the north of Wenverwilds.
  • Rewards: Dominator Sword and Hyper Magnum handgun.

Malmalam Thicket

  • From the map look towards the south west side of Maindenwater.
  • Rewards: Armiger Weapon

Pitioss Ruins (Secret Dungeon)

  • This one is a puzzle with no monsters. In the world map, look over the west side over the mountain region.

Steyliff Grove

  • North side of Vesperpool. Walk towards the north side on foot to reach the dungeon.
  • Rewards: Robe of the Lord, Balmung and Flayer.

The Myrlwood

  • Following Steyliff Gorve, go to the south side of the lake. Keep going forward to find this dungeon.

The Rock of Ravatogh

  • Take a route south to Piotiss Ruins.  In the map you can look towards the far west side to find the location.

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