Former Crytek Employee Is Crowdfunding To Sue The Studio

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Looks like Crytek is again facing a financial crisis as reports have emerged online that employees of the Crytek are not been paid for quite a few months now i.e. October, November and December One of the employees of Crytek has quitted in rage and is now looking forward to sue the studio by means of crowdfunding.

The employee name is Ludvig Lindqvist who has launched the campaign this week in order to sue Crytek. He was working at Crytek Frankfurt office since March 2015 and quitted in December 2016 because he was not paid for the last two months. Plus the crowd funding he launched is achieving its goal and Crytek might be facing a lawsuit. This is what he had to say:

Today as I’m creating this GoFundMe campaign, 14th December 2016, it was 58 days since Crytek paid me my September salary. Two whole months have failed to make it to my account. All Crytek employees are in the same situation.