Friday The 13th Guide: How To Escape In The Car

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In Friday The 13th, a multiplayer game, there is one player, playing as Jason, fight against seven players who control the Camp Crystal Lake counselors. The game has the mid-1980s setting and it perfectly captures the feel of the Paramount Pictures film franchise of the same name. The game released on May 26, 2017 and supports PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms. This guide talks about how to escape in the car in Friday the 13th: The Game.

Escaping in the car is one of the ways of escaping from Jason. This guide will show how to escape in the car so that the counselors can escape and win the match.

Friday The 13th Guide: How To Escape In The Car

Each map has two cars. You may choose to work alone but it is recommended to take help from other counselors to repair the car to make the process faster. You need keys for the car, a gas can and a car battery to run the car.


You need to explore the surrounding cabins to get these items. Car keys are usually in drawers. It is not a guarantee to find it in the drawers but it is the most probable location. The gas can and the car battery are found in one of the cabins on the ground so you need to go through some cabins surrounding the car. Once you get these items, go to the car and start the repairs triggering a mini-game. While playing this mini-game, you will be stuck in one position and if Jason finds you, it’s all over. So, you will need the other counselors to distract Jason while you work on the car.

Starting the Car

Open the hood of the car to install the battery. Interact with it. The mini-game is a circle with various bars. Each bar is an action prompt and you have to press whichever button shows up at the right time. If you press the wrong button, Jason will be alerted and on multiple wrong buttons, you may have to flee the area. Once all the parts are installed, get inside the car and start the car with the car keys. There is a delay in starting the car so if Jason is nearby, you may have to distract him.


Once the car starts, drive onto the main road through the camp’s front gates. Do not crash the car anywhere as if you do that, you will need to start the car again with that delay. If Jason spawns in front of the car, drive around him. Crashing into him will not even faze him.

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