Google Set to ‘Gmailify’ Your Email Without Using Gmail

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Google now has made it possible to use Gmail without changing your email address. Google Set to ‘Gmailify’ your email without using Gmail. If you are thinking how that will be possible, then Gmailify is the thing. Gmailify is Google’s program to let users of other email platforms use Gmail without an @gmail address. But you definitely need a Gmail account to use this service.

Gmailify will offer some of features like

  • Spam protection to Outlook, Hotmail and Yahoo addresses users.
  • It will be provide access to Gmail’s automatic inbox sorting system. So then you will be able to group your  emails into social media, promotions and updates in separate inboxes.
  • It will even offer you access to Google Now cards.
  • Benefits of using POP3 to import messages from other accounts
  • Gmail’s Send Mail As feature to mask your Google address for another email

The service is currently available on Android and the web. iOS needs to wait for sometime before it gets Gmailify.