Google uses VR to put you inside a Bruegel painting

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[Image Source: Google Images]
The Google Cultural institute, as well know for its effort to make the art from the world over accessible to anyone with an internet connection. The institute has been engaged it this noble cause for about half a decade.

Google Cultural Institute is digitizing thousands of paintings and sculptures present in hundreds of museums and galleries across the world. The latest achievement is the creation of a 360-degree video that will put you inside the orchestra pit of New York’s Carnegie Hall. Now Google uses VR to put you inside a Bruegel painting. Virtual Reality has once again brought an unique experience as it puts you inside Bruegel’s The Fall of the Rebel Angels.

Google describes the project as

“an experiment to explore how modern technology can supercharge the museum experience.”

The Bruegel Box is small room with wall-to-wall projections showing gigapixel renderings of three paintings.

Google Cultural Institute says

“Spectators walk in to find themselves literally in the picture, shoulder-to-shoulder with villagers, preachers and mystical creatures,”

The most interesting thing to ponder upon is that out of the three paintings, only one of the paintings projected in the box is physically on display at the museum. The other two are hosted in Berlin and Budapest. Such is the power of the emerging technologies.

Here is the video for your experience this new technological advancement.