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Gravity Rush 2 will release on 20 Jan 2017. It is an action adventure video game, developed by SIE Japan Studio and Project Siren and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PS4. The sequel to Gravity Rush, the game’s core gameplay mechanics is to allow the player to manipulate gravity, allowing unique navigational movements. Talismans in the game allow you to have additional abilities and bonuses. 3 talismans can be equipped on Kat at a time. This talismans guide will show how to find and use these talismans.

Gravity Rush 2 Talismans Guide

There are many ways to obtain talismans.

  • One way is to participate in Treasure Hunts.
  • Another way is by completing mining expeditions. You only need to find ores and defeat enemies in this.

There are Three Types of Talismans in Gravity Rush 2

  • Circular
  • Moon
  • Trinity.

Choose carefully which talismans to equip.

Here is the List of talismans in Gravity Rush 2.

  • Serum – Reduced Damage by Poison
  • Bounce – Increased Damage by Gravity Slide
  • Power Kick – Increased Damage by Gravity Kick
  • Efficient Kick – Gravity Kick Consumes Less Energy
  • Gem Attractor – Find Gems and Talismans from an Increased Distance

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