GTA V Online Easy Unlimited Money Exploit Discovered, Step by Step Guide Available

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Rockstar today rolled out patch 1.35 for Grand Theft Auto Online.

Apart from addressing issues and bugs, the patch has a glitch that allows the players to earn unlimited money within a matter of seconds. The glitch was first discovered and posted online by a YouTuber. Without any further delay, check out the steps to get yourself a sh*tload of money in GTA Online.

GTA V Online Easy Unlimited Money Exploit Step by Step Guide

  • Step 1: Go in front of the supermarket as you can see in the tutorial video below and then set it as the last location from the interaction menu so that you can always start a new game from there.
  • Step 2: Next, start shooting at the items on the shelves until you get a two star wanted level, then kill the shopkeeper. So now you will reach a three star evaluation.
  • Step 3: Finally go to the corner of the store and start a new game session. When you’ll get back to the game, you will notice the wanted level has been reset and you were awarded $3000.

As you can see, the above steps can repeated again and again till you get the desired amount of money. The above process takes only about 20 seconds and is really easy. Go ahead make some serious money in-game and also share it with others. We hope Rockstar doesn’t notice this for a while and release a patch to fix it.

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