Gundam Versus Update 1.05 DLC Adds Mobile Suits Phantom Gundam and Nightingale, Releasing Late September

Gundam Versus Update 1.05, Gundam Versus DLC

Gundam Versus update 1.05, DLC brings one-on-one player matches, new Mobile Suits Phantom Gundam and Nightingale and more. The Gundam Versus DLC will launch late September. The release will be for Japan in late September. This announcement was made by Bandai Namco during a recent Team Battle Tournament for Gundam Versus which was held at C3AFA Tokyo 2017.

Here are the details of the Gundam Versus Update 1.05, DLC

Gundam Versus Version 1.05 Update

  • Adds 1-on-1 player matches that lets you create a room and fight with another prayer 1-on-1.
  • Adds Extra Battle to Ultimate Battles. With this you will be able to control particular boss Mobile Suit.
    • In Extra Battle, 1 player control the boss Mobile Suit while the others, five, fight against it.

Gundam Versus DLC

  • Phantom Gundam as a playable Mobile Suit for 602 yen.
  • Nightingale as a Mobile Suit for 602 yen.

In Japan, Gundam Versus is available for PS4. It will be available in Americas and Europe from September 29.