New PlayStation VR Bundle Announced; PS VR Worlds Bundle Gets Price Cut

PlayStation VR Bundle, PS VR Worlds Bundle

Sony PlayStation VR Bundle announced and PS VR Worlds is getting a price cut. The PS VR bundle will include the VR unit and the PlayStation Camera just for $399. The PS VR Worlds bundle will now be available at a lower price. Below are the details about the two PS VR bundles that will be available soon.

PlayStation VR Bundle Details

First bundle will be launched across the U.S. and Canada, and it will include the PlayStation VR headset and PlayStation Camera for $399 USD / $499 CAD. This bundle actually gives you the PlayStation Camera at no extra charge. In the future, it will be part of the core PS VR bundle.


Second bundle, the PlayStation VR Worlds bundle which include the PS VR headset, PS Camera, two PlayStation Move motion controllers and PlayStation VR Worlds, will now be available at lower price of $449 USD / $579 CAD.

Both the bundles will be coming on September 1.