Hacknet has become great again – Added Mod Tools Helps Create custom Campaigns

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If you haven’t gotten the memo yet; Hacknet was a very popular hacking sim which was a very nice and surprisingly accurate way of simulating hacks. Not only did it have actual methods which depicted actual hacking such as deploying UNIX commands.

There have been many major updates by the developers to the game and these have been improving the game piece by piece. But, the latest update is one which has really set the game in the front row.

Hacknet now lets you create your own campaign as well as campaign narratives, essentially giving you a “make your own game” scenario which will be an extremely interesting edition to the game in the future.

The tool set the developers give you is pretty sick too; you’re not only getting a lot of the basic tools for game creation but also a very interest plot to start with, hacking. According to the developers “create their very own Hacknet campaigns, system networks, nodes, themes, music and story missions”

I haven’t even told you the best part; these custom, player created campaigns can be shared through the steam workshop for people to enjoy. Imaging the possibilities creating a paranoia inducing hacking experience or recreating the best real life hacking crimes in the game.

This mod tool is pretty extensive as compared to the vanilla game; not only are you getting a nice sum of added tools, but the game is also quite heavily discounted on steam right now. If you hurry you can catch the 66 percent discount on the game and make way for your next best adventure!

According to steam post by the developers:

“The tools are also available if you want to make your own Extension! The patch comes with an interactive introduction extension that you can play through.”

For more updates, stay tuned.