Bungie’s Explanation Regarding Destiny 2 Dedicated Servers – PC Cheating and More

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We know that Destiny 2 will not be having dedicated servers, and it was quite a “rage inducing” moment for the fans because of the annoying problems which arise with peer to peer connections.  When the announcement was made, the developers didn’t bother explaining why it was so, until now of course.

Quite a long and drawn out paragraph was presented Matt Segur, who is the engineering lead working on Destiny 2.

According to Segur, destiny 2’s network connection is unique, he says that “a unique networking mode” is being tested for the game. Directly dressing the lack of dedicated servers, he said:

“Every activity in Destiny 2 is hosted by one of our servers. That means you will never again suffer a host migration during your Raid attempt or Trials match. This differs from Destiny 1, where these hosting duties were performed by player consoles and only script and mission logic ran in the data center. To understand the foundation on which we’re building, check out this Destiny 1 presentation from GDC. Using the terms from this talk, in Destiny 2, both the Mission Host and Physics Host will run in our data centers”

In a nutshell, he means that the game’s connect will not be a pure peer to peer instead it will be a unique hybrid of peer to peer mixed in with dedicated connectivity.


“The server is authoritative over how the game progresses, and each player is authoritative over their own movement and abilities. This allows us to give players the feeling of immediacy in all their moving and shooting – no matter where they live and no matter whom they choose to play with.”

While going for a pure peer to peer connection definitely saves the developers a huge chunk of change, the new technology will surely be a more efficient and cost friendly solution overall.

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