Hideo Kojima Comments on Leaving Metal Gear

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Hideo Kojima is one of the most celebrated video game developers of all time (many have called him a video game auteur), and he has spent the grand majority of his career directing and producing all installments of the classic franchise Metal Gear Solid. Now he’s moved past it after 30 years; he quit his job at Konami and started his very own new venture with his first title being the recently announced Death Stranding.

It’s definitely a turning point right now in Hideo Kojima’s career, and he discussed this transition with Gamespot in an interview published today. In the interview he discusses many of his current aspirations, among which are producing other artistic products: “I would definitely like to make a movie someday, and if time allows I’d also like to write a novel. But those wouldn’t necessarily be for the fans I have so far: it’d be for other people so I can explore new things”.


Definitely check out the full interview, it’s always interesting to hear from Kojima. It’s something to hold us over until Death Stranding is released which, judging from the state it was shown in at this year’s E3, is definitely a long way down the road.