Hideo Kojima Thinks Episodic Games Are the Future

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Hideo Kojima, one of the most celebrated video game developers of all-time, previously a major player in Konami and now head of his own studio, Kojima Productions, thinks episodic content is the way games will mostly release in the future.

His statement reads as follows: “I don’t think movies in the future will last two hours, especially when people are already demanding more speedy experiences and delivery. So taking shorter time spans to develop, putting it out, integrating user feedback quickly, and having that freedom in game-making, I think it will apply to movies and TV too.”

Basically, his logic is that entertainment consumers across the board have less patience, which is why they want shorter movies and would also consume episodic content because they’re quicker to develop. While what he’s talking about is certainly a trend right now, no one can really say it’s the future. Still, Kojima’s opinion is always worth reporting and considering.