Pokemon GO Guide: Locations of all Types of Pokemon

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Pokemon GO features the complete set of Pokemons from the original anime. Let’s find out about locations of all types of Pokemon in this guide. A total of 17 different types of Pokemons are scattered around the world for the players to catch. If you wonder why that Doduo keeps spawning around your home or that Pidgey keeps flying around you, you might want to read this.

Niantic has actually decided the spawn locations of each type of Pokemon based on the type of surroundings. For an instance, Water type Pokemons can be found near water bodies like Rivers and Seas. Similarly, Fire type Pokemons are likely to be found near hot regions. The Grass type Pokemons are found near meadows respectively. Let’s see where you can find your desired type of Pokemon.

Pokemon GO Guide: Locations of All Types of Pokemon

The Spawn Locations of various types of Pokemons has a wide range. They can be anywhere, from Parks to Libraries, Restaurants to Monuments and more. Let’s see the list.

Normal Type Pokemon Locations

  • Every Climate.
  • Crowded Location.
  • Parking Lots/Schools/Parks.

Fire Type Pokemon Locations

  • Dry Climate
  • Residential Area

Ice Type Pokemon Locations

  • Rare Pokemons
  • Beaches and other Water area

Bug Type Pokemon Locations

  • Mostly Spawn at Countryside
  • Open Field/Farm/Forest
  • Playground and Parks within Cities

Flying Type Pokemon Locations

  • Similar to Bug Type
  • Open Field/Farm/Forest

Grass Type Pokemon Locations

  • Grassy Area
  • Golf Courses
  • Gardens and Forest

Water Type Pokemon Locations

  • Streams/Rivers/Lakes/ Oceans
  • Basically near all Water Bodies

Poison Type Pokemon Locations

  • Ponds/Lakes/Marshes
  • Cities, Parks and Industrial areas

Electric Type Pokemon Locations

  • Dry Climate
  • Industrial area, College or School Campus

Ground Type Pokemon Locations

  • Railway/Airports/Beaches
  • Open Field, Streams, and Ditches

Fighting Type Pokemon Locations

  • Similar to Ground Type
  • Gym/Stadiums/Arenas

Psychic Type Pokemon Locations

  • Beach and Grassland

Rock Type Pokemon Locations

  • Rock Quarries/ Parking Lots and Streets

Steel Type Pokemon Locations

  • Railways Station(Avoid the Tracks) and within Cites.

Fairy Type Pokemon Locations

  • Church/Temple/Monuments and Landmarks.

Dragon Type Pokemon Locations

  • Found Only in Cities

Ghost Type Pokemon Locations

  • During Night Time Mostly.
  • Parking Lots, Dark Areas.
  • Sometimes in Parks.

Dark Type Pokemon Locations

  • Movie Theaters, Closed Area, Dark Places

That’s the list of locations of all Types of Pokemon. You can find the complete Pokemon GO Wiki Guide here