Horizon Forbidden West Secret Trophies List and How to Achieve Them

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Here we are with the Horizon Forbidden West secret trophies list and how to achieve them details. The game is out as of Feb 18 2022. It is Guerrilla Games’ and Sony Interactive Entertainment’s addition to the Horizon series. A sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, it is set in a post-apocalyptic western United States. The is receiving some impressive response and so without further delay read on the secret trophies list.

Horizon Forbidden West Secret Trophies List and How to Achieve Them


Discovered Nemesis – Wipe out the Zenith threat and discover Nemesis.


Reached the Daunt – You get this trophy once you reach at the Daunt looking for passage into the Forbidden West.

Secured Passage to the Embassy – As the name suggests, clear the path to the Embassy and reopen the Daunt.

Established the Base – Acquire a safe place as the operations base and reboot GAIA.

Recovered AETHER – Protect the Kulrut and recover AETHER.

Recovered POSEIDON – Clear out Las Vegas and recover POSEIDON.

Attended the Embassy – Get into the forbidden west after you go through the ambush at the Embassy survive.

Recovered DEMETER – Confront the Quen and recover the DEMETER.

Recovered Beta – When you get Beta’s distress signal, go after it and bring her to the base.

Discovered Faro’s Fate – Pull through Thebes and be friends with the Quen.

Flew on the Wings of the Ten – Fly into battle and destroy Regalla.

Chose a Desert Commander – Help both Drakka and Yarra and then select the better candidate.

Saved the Daunt – Fix all of the problems that are distressing the Daunt.

Aided Kotallo – Aid Kotallo to build and test a mechanized arm.

Healed the Land-gods – Assist Zo to reboot the land-gods in order to save Plainsong.

First Tallneck Overridden – Get to the top of a Tallneck and acquire its information.

Recovered Alva’s Data – Assist Alva to acquire data to help the Quen.

First Rebel Camp Completed – Complete the key objectives in 1 Rebel Camp.

First Core Overridden – Get to the Core of a Cauldron and retrieve its information.

Obtained 3 Stripes at a Hunting Ground – In all of the three trials at one Hunting Ground, you need to obtain at least a Quarter Stripe mark.

Completed a Long Glide – As the name suggest have a long and uninterrupted glide of 60 seconds.

Rode All Regular Mounts – Ride a Bristleback, Charger and Clawstrider.

Completed 2 Flying Mount Quests – You need to complete 2 quests that require a flying mount.

Completed a Set of Salvage Contracts -Accomplish all contracts at a Salvage Contractor.

Won 2 Gauntlet Runs – Win 2 Gauntlet Runs.

Completed 4 Rebel Outposts – Beat the outpost leader and retrieve the tags from 4 Rebel Outposts.

Completed 3 Relic Ruins – Find and complete 3 Relic Ruins.

Defeated Machine Strike Challengers – Match against 2 different Machine Strike challengers and win.

Completed Arena Challenge Set – Complete 1 Arena challenge set.

Defeated the Enduring – Beat Enduring, the Tenakth melee master.

Fully Upgraded a Valor Surge -Boost a Valor Surge to its maximum level.

Unlocked 3 Weapon Techniques – For 3 different weapon classes, you need to unlock a weapon technique.

Recovered 5 Different Collectables – As the trophy’s name suggest, you need to complete 1 Black Box, 1 Survey Drone, 1 Vista Point, 1 Relic Ruin and 1 Signal Tower.

Used Dye Flowers – Use dye flowers to unlock and apply a new dye.


All Tallnecks Overridden – Get to the top of each Tallneck and retrieve their information.

Defeated Asera – Check all Rebel Camps and assist Erend take down Asera.

All Cores Overridden – Get to the Core of each Cauldron and retrieve their information.

Obtained 3 Stripes at All Hunting Grounds – At all Hunting Grounds, obtain at least a Quarter Stripe mark in all three trials.