How to Delete Netflix Viewing Activity

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You may not wish everything that you watch on Netflix subscriber to appear in your view history. You may also find  Continue Watching items at many places on Netflix. And you will even get suggested videos based on your watching history. Here we will show provide you steps on How to Delete Netflix Viewing Activity.

How to Delete Netflix Viewing Activity

  1. Open / if you are using Netflix mobile app on iPhone or Android, then click on account details, your account will open in the default browser
  2. Now click on your profile name. The drop-down menu will open
  3. Then click Your Account to view account settings
  4. Scroll down to My Profile
  5. Click on Viewing activity
  6. Now from the list of the viewing activity that will be displayed, click the X symbol (displayed against each activity) to remove the activities

The viewing history will be removed instantly although it may take take some time to remove from all the devices.

So now next time you need to remove some of your viewing history, you know how to. So enjoy Netflix without worrying about your viewing activities appearing later.