Microsoft Launched News Pro, an iOS app

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Microsoft launched News Pro iOS app which has been developed by Microsoft Garage, an experimental app outfit. The app is a competitor to Apple News and Flipboard.

How will you use the News Pro app

  • Just login with your Facebook or LinkedIn account
  • Now select topics of your interest like finance, tech, and design
  • That’s all.

You will get a list of  selected articles to read.

Some Features of News Pro app

  • News Pro offers a more mobile-friendly reading format.
  • It has a highlights section. This section is for getting a list of top stories. It also has an explore tab for searching out the new news topics.
  • The topics are organized by industries, organizations, skills, and products.
  • It accurately subscribes you to topics.
  • Since it is linked with your Facebook or LinkedIn account, you will get topics that you are most interested in as the app will analyze you activities on these social networks.

Microsoft confirmed that the News Pro app will not be available to  Android and Windows 10 Mobile users.

There is another amazing benefit of the News Pro app. Its web app compatible on all devices. So you can just browse through the current affairs related to your favorite topics even from your desktop using the web version of the app.