How to Fix Far Cry 5 Errors – Crash, Launch Issue, FPS Issue, Controllers Not Working

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Far Cry 5 is out and are you all set to save Hope County? Well is you already on the mission and playing on PC, this guide is for you. Here you can find out how to fix Far Cry 5 errors like crashes, fps issue, launch errors, and more.
Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5 released this March for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It is an action adventure game set in an open world environment. Far Cry 5 is playable in first-person perspective. The player can explore the expansive open world on foot or use one of the many vehicles available. Check out all about Far Cry 5.

This installment in the Far Cry series is different in that it has a feature which lets player customize the character’s appearance it takes up. Far Cry 5 has many weapons, both ranged and explosive ones, which you can use to take down the enemies. Special focus has been put into close-quarters combat. There are also several melee weapons to explore. Let’s move on to the collection of Far Cry 5 error or bug fixes that have come up so far. Check out the Far Cry 5 system requirements to make sure the minimum system configurations are met.

How to Fix Far Cry 5 Errors – Crash, Launch Issue, FPS issue, Controllers Not Working Issue

Far Cry 5 Crashes

  • Far Cry 5 Crash at Startup

This issue may come up if you are using Phenom processors. It is reported by some users that the game is not running on Phenom processors. There are no workaround at the moment but some might come up soon. However there are not official patches released for the issue yet.

  • Gamer Profile Issue

A fix for this has already been released by Ubisoft. If you are facing this issue, download the title update released by Ubisoft for Far Cry 5 and then the problem should be fixed. Restart Steam to get the update.

Far Cry 5 Does Not Launch Issue Fix

Many players have come across the game does not launch problem. Here is what you can do to fix the launch issue. First of all get the drivers updated. If the drivers are not up to date, launch issues are quite common. So have the latest drivers installed. Next thing is to run the game as administration. Go to the game exe location, right-click on it and run as administrator. If still the game fails to launch, try running the game in windowed mode. The last fix will be to run Far Cry 5 after closing any background apps.

Far Cry 5 Performance Issue – FPS drop

There are reports that Far Cry 5 has low quality graphics and the characters doesn’t look very impression as a result. There are also issues of low fps. Get the drivers updates and check that the system requirements are met. Ubisoft may soon come up with fixes to address these problems.

Far Cry 5 Controller Not Working Fix

Controllers not working problem is due to Steam settings. To fix this issue, open Steam General controller settings. Then uncheck all the controllers and close Steam. Then run the game again from Uplay and the problem should be fixed.

Far Cry 5 FOV Issue

Players have reported that FOV in Far Cry 5 is locked at 60. This happens for those who are playing multi monitor setup. There are no fixes known as of now that is said to be working.

Far Cry 5 Crash in Casualties of War Quest

Far Cry 5 crash issues have been mentioned at the beginning of this article but this one is specific as it happens in a quest. In the Casualties of War quest, there is a cutscene  in this quest. Players have reported that the game crashes if you skip this cutscene. This issue is known and Ubisoft may be soon coming up with fix to take care of this problem. But for now you can just watch the quest’s cutscene to avoid the crash issue.

Far Cry 5 Uplay Not Connecting Issue Fix

Here are possible solutions for Far Cry 5 Uplay Not Connecting issue. Solution 1 is to reboot the router or get it rebooted if you do not have the access to do so. Possible solution 2 is to run Uplay as administrator and this issue may not crop up at all. Solution 3 is to check that the antivirus or firewall settings is not blocking Uplay from connecting.

Far Cry 5 Upc.exe Error

Some players has come across Upc.exe error. For there here are the possible fixes. Solution 1 is to verify the game files. Solution 2 is uninstall Uplay and go to Uplay site and get it freshly installed again but you do not need to open it. Run the game from Steam instead and the issue should be fixed.

Far Cry 5 Reshade Issue – Crashes Fix

One more reason for your game to crash is Reshade. Players, who are using Reshade, have reported game crashes. Looks like some Reshade versions, not all, may be blocked by Far Cry 5. For those using ReShade 3.0.6, the game runs fine without crash.

Far Cry 5 Stuck in Window Mode Issue Fix

For some errors, playing in windowed mode is the solution. But what if you start playing in windowed mode and the game gets stuck in this mode and you are not able to exit it. Well same has occurred to some players. The game is stuck and it is not possible to play Far Cry 5 in full screen mode. So what possible solution has come up so far? The workaround that has helped is to initially set Far Cry 5 in 1080p resolution. Then later modify the it. Run in full screen and once it works, then you can experiment with other resolutions.

That’s all from how to fix Far Cry 5 errors. These are some of the bugs and issues, for Far Cry 5 PC version, that are reported or have come across till date. Far Cry 5 has got good reception from Steam players. Though there is issue with the graphics quality and some bugs. Graphics quality can not be changed but the upcoming patches for Far Cry 5 may help in fixing the issues that are commonly arising for several players. Check out Far Cry 5 Secret Achievements List and System Requirements. That’s all from how to fix Far Cry 5 errors – crash, launch issue, FPS issue, controllers not working issue guide.