How to Set Up a New SD Card in Android for Extra Storage

If you are looking for extending memory space in your Android smartphone, this article will be guide you to do so. So let’s see how to set up a new SD card in Android for extra storage space. Here we are talking about Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Follow the steps below to see How to Set Up a New SD Card in Android for Extra Storage

So you have a SD card or flash drive to use as an portable storage

How to Use an SD Card as Portable Storage

  1. Insert the card it into the microSD slot. Then you will see a notification which tells you that your SD card or USB drive has been detected.
    1. In case it is an SD card, Set Up button will be visible
  2. Now select Use as portable storage
  3. To view the contents of the drive, tap on Explore button when it appears in the notification.
    1. Another way could be going to Settings, then to Storage & USB
    2. Tap on name of the drive
    3. Now the Android’s new file manager shows you the files on the drive to manage
  4. Next tap on Eject button to safely remove the drive.

How to adopt a MicroSD Card as Internal Storage

  1. Before you can use an SD card, a speed test is performed by Android. This is let you if the card is too slow to run properly. NOTE: All the contents of the drive will be erased, so make sure that you backup the data
    1. For the test, insert the SD card
    2. Select Setup
    3. Now Choose Use as internal storage
  2. Once done, navigate to Settings, then to Storage & USB
  3. Tap on the drive
  4. Now tap on menu
  5. Select Migrate data

How to adopt the drive as part of the device’s internal storage

  1. The storage device will be present in the Settings app
  2. Open the Settings app, tap on Storage & USB option, and then you can see the external storage devices
  3. Select the device that you want to turn from the portable SD card into internal storage
  4. Next, on the top-right of the screen, tap on the menu button
  5. Now select Settings
  6. Select Format as internal to adopt the drive as part of the device’s internal storage. Do back up your data first.
  7. Now to make internal SD card portable,
    1. Navigate to Settings, then to Storage & USB
    2. Now tap on the device name
    3. Next tap the menu
    4. Tap on Format as portable

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