How To Spy On Your Child’s Cell Phone in 2020

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Today, parents have a lot of responsibility for keeping their kids safe as they use smartphones. Although technology has brought a lot of good, it has also introduced challenges for parents. 

If you are a parent who gave your child a smartphone, you no longer have to worry. In this post, we share how you can spy on your child’s cell phone in 2020 using a reliable phone surveillance app. 

The app is among a handful of trustworthy apps you can conveniently use to monitor your child. Read on to find out what the app offers its users. 

Spyine – The best parental control app

With Spyine, you get a reputable phone surveillance app that works on both iPhone and Android phones. The app has over a million users across the world. To grasp what makes the app popular, visit its official website

The app has even been gaining the attention of international media outlets like Forbes. Spyine has a very high customer approval rating of 96% the highest in the industry. What’s more, the app makes it easy for anyone to use it. 

With Spyine, you can spy anything on your child’s phone with its 30 plus features. If you are looking for a spy app for Android undetectable, then check out Spyine

Why you should use Spyine 

Besides having multiple features, Spyine delivers unmatched phone surveillance characteristics. Here are some of them that make Spyine a popular app among parents globally. 

1. Safe 

As a parent, you won’t have to worry about the data privacy of your child. Spyine doesn’t collect data from third-party apps on your kid’s phone. Also, the app ensures you are the only person who can access your spyine dashboard. 

2. Remote surveillance capability 

Spyine is a web-based phone surveillance app that lets you use any web browser to spy on your kid. It allows you to log in to your Spyine dashboard. The app gives you access to all the features on the dashboard. 

So, you can use any device with internet access to spy on your kid’s cell phone remotely. Spyine lets you track your kid’s phone from anywhere in the world.

3. Works in stealth 

All the cell phone surveillance activities in this app take place in the background. The app ensures your child never suspects your surveillance activities. Best of all, Spyine doesn’t interfere with phone performance. 

To spy on your kid’s iPhones, the app doesn’t require the installation of the app. Rather, you only need to provide the iCloud credentials used on your kid’s phone. The app relies on the iCloud backup to spy on iPhones. 

For Android phones, you will need one-time access to install the app on your child’s phone. The app is a meager 2MB and takes less than 5 minutes to install. After installation, the app automatically disguises itself and deletes its icon. 

What’s more, the app allows you to uninstall the Android app remotely in just one click. All these measures ensure your surveillance activities with Spyine remain undetectable. 

4. No rooting or jailbreaking necessary 

With Spyine, you won’t have to root Android phones or jailbreak iPhones for the app to work. The app relies on cutting-edge technology to avoid the need to compromise your child’s phone security. 

Spyine is among a handful of phone surveillance apps that don’t require rooting or jailbreaking. The practice of rooting or jailbreaking phones is still common. Fortunately, Spyine has overcome the need for this approach. 

Besides, the process of rooting or jailbreaking a phone requires technical know-how. Also, rooting or jailbreaking a phone takes a lot of time and ends compromising the security of your child’s phone. 

What’s more, it voids the warranty on your child’s cell phone. 

How to spy on your child’s cell phone using Spyine in 2020 

With Spyine, it takes a few, easy steps to start spying on your kid’s cell phone remotely. Here are the steps involved: 

Step 1: Start by visiting the official Spyine website to sign up for an account. While at it, Spyine will let you choose the operating system of your child’s phone. Also, ensure you choose a suitable plan for your surveillance needs. 

Step 2: Next, configure your child’s phone. For an Android phone, you will need one-time access to their phone to install the Android app. The installation is fast, taking less than 5 minutes and the app will disguise itself. 

For an iPhone, no installation necessary. However, you will need to provide the iCloud credentials used on your child’s phone. Provide these credentials and hit the Verify button. 

Step 3: Allow the app to sync the content on your child’s phone with your Spyine dashboard. It will take a few minutes. When it is done, click the Start button to exit the configuration process. 

Step 4: Now, log in to your Spyine dashboard. Here, Spyine will give you access to all its cell phone surveillance features. You will be able to spy on anything from your kid’s cell phone whereabouts to browser history. 

Amazing Spyine features 

Below are some of the amazing features parents use to spy on their kids. 

1. Location surveillance 

Spyine lets you spy on the whereabouts of your kid’s cell phone. The app provides details like GPS coordinates, street addresses, and location history. All these are shown on an interactive map on your Spyine dashboard.

The app also comes with a geofence feature. This allows you to set a virtual boundary for your child’s phone. Spyine will then send you notifications whenever your kid crosses the set boundary. 

2. Social media surveillance 

With Spyine, you can spy on all the social media activities on your kid’s cell phone. The app lets you access all the chats and posts on platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. 

What’s more, you won’t have to worry about missing important conversations. Spyine archives all the chats and posts on its server to ensure you can access deleted chats. The app can also spy on text messages on your kid’s phone. 

3. Browser history 

Spyine can also spy on all the browser activity on your kid’s cell phone. This allows you to know what sites your child visits as well as all their online searches. 


With a reputable phone surveillance app, parents have been able to spy on their kids’ cell phones. Check out Spyine if you wish to spy on activities on your child’s phone.