Intel Core i7 7700K vs 6700K, Worth Upgrading?

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Intel Kaby Lake i7 7700K is currently the flagship of Kabylake mainstream desktop CPUs. Arrived with the new architecture and raising a lot of questions in the mind of PC Enthusiasts. Is the new CPU worth the upgrade?  Well Tom’s Hardware has done a great job comparing the Skylake’s i7 6700K against the Kabylake i7 7700K.  When it comes to Gamers, the Kabylake i7 7700K is faster and the winner but the performance difference is negligible i.e. only 1-3fps. Four games were tested, Metro Last Light, Ashes of Singularity, the Talos Principle, F1 2015. The i7 7700K was in lead but like mentioned above the difference was negligible. Also when it comes to overclocking both the CPU’s performed almost the same but the i7 7700K got a little hotter. Well you can see all the benchmarks here….