Intel Speeds Up 5G Engine with Verizon and Ericsson Residential Trial in Indianapolis

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Intel in association with Verizon and Ericsson is bringing 5G wireless technology a step closer to common use. Verizon and Ericsson will be testing the 5G wireless tech before the start of 101st Indianapolis 500. The trial will be performed in Speedway, Indiana, located near Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

The 5G technology will be tested with the help of a 5G-connected home. It will demonstrate the trial attendees the use and benefits of using the multi-gigabit 5G speeds having low latency and high capacity. To livestream the race track in VR, the 5G-connected home will be using Intel® 5G Mobile Trial Platform and Intel®. The livestream will be in 4K 360 degree resolution.

5G wireless communication lay the ground for the future’s data-rich services and enhanced cloud applications to be used with greater speed and efficiency. Not only this, but 5G will also make our VR experiences better.

Asha Keddy, vice president and general manager of Next Generation and Standards in the Communication and Devices Group at Intel, mentioned,

5G will bring new experiences and business opportunities like exciting virtual reality in 4K and ultra-fast wireless home broadband. Intel, Verizon and Ericsson’s work in establishing early trials and testing is essential to deliver on our vision of making all devices smart and connected.

From watching online movies, to streaming games, to numerous other examples of things that people use internet for, 5G will make the use of internet and wireless communication seamless. Also with the rapid advancement in the cloud platform, we will need reliable, high speed and efficient wireless networks to access the valuable data stored in cloud. 5G is taking a major step forward with the trial.