Latest Battlefield 1 Patch – Spring Update, Patch Notes

Since the beginning, Battlefield 1 has gotten a nice set of updates and tweaks since release already, but DICE wants to take it a step forward; they announced in the Battlefield 1 website about their road ahead. According to the website, DICE will be providing monthly updates (and tweaks) to Battlefield 1. This also includes seasonal and festive updates to fit the season. Another major announcement is a feature gamers have been waiting for, the Platoons update will also arrive which will let you and your friend join up and play in platoons. This feature truly fits Battlefield 1 and will be a welcomed update. Battlefield 1 expansions are also coming in "the road ahead", meaning we will be seeing new weapons, maps and more in the future. BF1 is available for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Recently, DICE announced that they will be working on Monthly updates as well as expansion packs for the community. The latest update for Battlefield 1 which is the spring update, brings a slew of tweaks, fixes and improvements to the game.

The most major addition in the latest Battlefield 1 update is the Platoons system – players can now create, join and manage platoons.

Other notable additions are new variants for four level 10 weapons as well as dog tags, ribbons and changes in grenades, vehicles and more. Previously, they released a sick new map, details can be seen here.

You can check out the complete patch notes here.

Lethal Grenade resupply times have also been tweaked, the latest numbers are:

  • Mini: 28s
  • Gas: 35s
  • Light AT: 42s
  • Frag: 49s
  • Impact: 49s
  • Incendiary: 49s

For more updates about Battlefield 1, stay tuned.