Upcoming For Honor Patch – More Heroes and Maps Coming in May

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Second season for For Honor which will be available on May 16th. Ubisoft announced that the season two will be called Shadow and Might which will include two new heroes and maps as well as a few new customization items and gameplay updates.

The upcoming For Honor heroes will be Shinobi and Centurion, which will be available for Season Pass owners on May 16th while base game players will have the option to purchase them using Steel, the in-game currency. The heroes may also be available for real money, no details have been revealed by Ubisoft.

Character descriptions by Ubisoft:

  • Shinobi (Samurai Assassin) – The Shinobi are silent warriors able to move with a dancer’s grace and kill with precision thanks to a lifetime of disciplined training. They wield the traditional Japanese Kusarigama.
  • Centurion (Knight Hybrid) – The Centurion sees the battlefield like a chessboard. Equipped with the reliable standard issue gladius, Centurions can bypass enemy defenses through strategic close-quarters combat

A new gear rarity will be also be a part of the game in the next update called EPIC and other gears’s will be buffed or nerfed to balance the new gear out.

for more updates for For Honor, stay tuned.