LG G4 Android 6.0 Update Is Here

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Sprint announced the LG G4 Android 6.0 Update has been announced. It has already arrived in South Korea, Poland, Europe and the United States. A lot of new features will be added as part of the update. It is reported that the update takes nearly 10 minutes to complete. This update is available for Sprint users.

LG G4 Android 6.0 Update Features

  • Google Now will be available on one Tap
  • Improved performance
  • Improved battery life
  • Improved security
  • Improved copy & paste features
  • Volume controls with new a whole new look
  • New feature called Doze. This new feature can add 30% improved battery life.
  • External memory: The capability of LG G4 of recognizing external memory improved

How will you get the LG G4 Android 6.0 Update

  • Open settings
  • Go to About phone
  • Manually check for updates or download the LG Bridge PC software suite
  • LG Bridge is an app for updates. It helps you by backing up data and prepare your phone for the update.

Currently the update is available only to Sprint users. But soon others will also be getting the update.