Mafia 3 Guide: All Repent Magazines Locations

Mafia 3 Guide: All Repent Magazines Locations

The third installment in the popular Mafia franchise is finally released.

The game has lots of collectibles like music album covers, magazine covers and more. We already wrote about the locations of Hot Rod Magazines. This guide takes a look at the locations of Repent Magazines. There are a total of 5 of such magazines scattered across four districts. Check them out below.

All Repent Magazines Locations


  • Repent Magazine (June 11, 1968) – You will find it during the “Compromised Corruption” story mission, you will sit on a sidewalk bench Downtown to speak with Donovan. You will get it from the Donovan in the cutscene, and you can also find it, without activating the mission, on the bench.

Frisco Fields

  • Repent Magazine (January 10, 1968) – You can find it inside the Bellaire Grocery Store, on the second floor office desk. The rally is broken up during Moreau’s Southern Union Rocket missions, it is found in that room.

French Ward

  • Repent Magazine (March 10, 1968) – You can find it at the cemetery, on the edge of a short wall around the central Mausoleum.
  • Repent Magazine (July 12, 1967) – You can find it on the second floor of the motel, a room down the hall from the game room, on a dresser.


  • Repent Magazine (November 9, 1967) – You can find it on the first floor of Willcocks Sports and Cocktails, in the middle of the bar area, on the counter.

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