MARVO K636 Gaming Keyboard Review

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In the ever increasing gaming industry, new products are launched nearly every other day. Those tempting and eye- catchy computer peripherals are definitely every gamers’ dream. Every PC gamer in the world wants a piece of the latest tech from well-known companies like Corsair or Cooler Master. But, the one thing that prevents a lot of gamers from fulfilling their dream is the price tag. Yes, the cost of those awesome gaming techs from Corsair or any other brands is very high most of the times and is what stops the dream from coming true.

But, among those companies and brands, there are a few gaming peripheral companies who think about the gamers in every category. They make products which are Premium but don’t forget the budget oriented gamers out there who do not wish to spend a huge bag of money just for a mouse or a keyboard. One of those “life-saving” companies is Marvo, and this review is about their K636 Membrane Gaming Keyboard.


MARVO K636 Gaming Keyboard REVIEW


From the moment you take this little beast of a gaming keyboard out of the box, you will definitely be impressed by the looks and the build quality of the keyboard. The keyboard sure looks pretty sweet and has an aggressive look.

The keyboard is completely made out of plastic and is very sturdy. It does not flex or bend in any way. This keyboard can definitely survive the rage moments while gaming and absorb those keyboard smashes.

The keyboard while not gigantic, but still is pretty big and would take a significant amount of space. As the keyboard is big in size, it means the keys are well spaced and for guys with big hands like me it is pretty comfortable to use.

While the unit which I have has some finish issues on the media keys this keyboard has but, it is not quite visible and not noticeable at all until you get nit-picky about small minute details.

I did some drop tests with this keyboard, I can’t show you any videos or pictures, but trust me when I say that it survived a fall from around 1.5 meters with just some minor scuffs. Which convinced me that Marvo doesn’t joke around when it comes to build quality.

MARVO K636 Gaming Keyboard REVIEW


Now, let’s take a look at the tech specs-

  1. Crackle gaming keyboard with lighting both on backlight and typeface;
  2. 3-color lightings,10 multimedia keys;
  3. Keys: 114;
  4. Pressure: 50±15g;
  5. Key Route: 3.6±0.3mm;
  6. Stroke Life: 5 million times;
  7. Rated Current: 200mA MAX;
  8. Rated Voltage: 5V;
  9. Cable Length: 1.5m;
  10. Size:  483*187*27mm

114 keys? Yes, that is because of the 10 additional media keys on the keyboard. Even though it is a gaming keyboard it rocks media keys and personally I prefer to have media keys on my keyboard. So, this is a plus point for me. The tactile feedback of the keyboard is decent enough keeping in mind that this is a membrane keyboard not a mechanical keyboard. I personally prefer the travel distance of the keyboard. It is similar to the general membrane keyboards, but the travel distance is nearly as same as mechanical keyboards giving it the satisfactory gaming keyboard feel.

One of the most important features of the gaming keyboards of today is lighting. The keyboard might not have RGB lighting but, for the affordable price you get this keyboard for, we get 3 colours which are bright enough to play with. The keyboard has Red, blue and purple colours. I personally love the purple colour as it is really soft on the eyes and bright too. The light is uniform for all keys and there are same pretty nice windows and cuts on the keyboard which enhance the aggressive look of the keyboard.

Now, let’s talk about the gaming performance.

This keyboard has really low latency. The K636 has lightning fast response times and feels really good to game on. The inward curved big keys are easy to rest the fingers on and feel comfortable.

Another, handy feature of the keyboard is the windows lock button (Fn+Win) this locks the windows button and is a lot of help if you tend to hit the windows button often while gaming.


At the end every product is designed and manufactured for a particular targeted audience. In the case of the K636 gaming keyboard, this product is for those people who want to upgrade from their Dell or HP keyboards and quickly get the feel of premium gaming keyboards for fraction of the price.

The Marvo K636 for the price we can get it for, looks great, feels great and performs admirably. If you are on a tight budget, this keyboard definitely should be on your list.