Microsoft stops accepting Bitcoins to buy Windows apps

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For those who buy Windows apps with Bitcoins, this may be a bad news. About a year ago, Microsoft first started accepting Bitcoins payments for its Xbox games and Windows apps. Bitcoins were used to fund a Microsoft Account. This would in turn let account owners to buy Windows apps and Xbox games etc. But now Microsoft stops accepting Bitcoins to buy Windows apps. It has been updated on support pages to notify users that they can no longer use the digital currency to purchase from Microsoft Store.

Now what about the existing balances? So if you have Bitcoins left in your account then you can use it up to purchase contents from the Microsoft Store. This way you can utilize the currency as Microsoft will not be refunding the balances.

Microsoft has said that this change in payment option applies to Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. Therefor it is still not clear if it would also apply for the Xbox users. This step may be due to lack of success of the digital currency.