Microsoft’s Cortana For Android and iOS Arrived

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Microsoft’s virtual assistant Cortana for Android and iOS platforms has finally arrived. So now if have a device with iOS 8 or higher, or Android version 4.1.2 you can have Cortana make your life easier. Well Cortana’s capabilities as an excellent assistant is already know but still let’s have a look at it.

Once you get Cortana for Android and iOS device, she will be able to :

  • Set a reminder
  • Go through your emails and calendar
  • Reply to your emails
  • Reply to your messages
  • Take care your of your schedules
  • Remind you about your upcoming meetings
  • Search the net to let you know about the flight status or anything for that matter
  • Respond to you if you just say “Hey Cortana” to her
  • And most importantly keep track of all of your preferences using the Notebook.

She is great companion and she only gets better with the more you interact with her. Now since you can have her on all of your devices, Android, iOS and even on you Windows 10 PC, Cortana will be able to expand her reach to assist you even better.

You can get it from Google Play Store for Android users and the Apple App Store for the iOS users. So just grab it and see how your new virtual assistant take care of your schedule seamlessly.