Mina the Hollower – Nostalgia Meets the Future

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Yacht Club Games is bringing yet another exciting game. This time it is Mina the Hollower. Yes, the same developers who are behind the much loved game, Shovel Knight. Mina the Hollower is a action-adventure game set in a terrifying world. The main protagonist, Mina, is on her quest to rescue a cursed island.

In a world filled with dangerous monsters and hazards, help Mina take down her enemies with an arsenal of weapons. Teamed up with excellent music and bizarre characters, the game is without a doubt a breath of fresh air.

Mina the hollower Graphics

Mina the Hollower has excellent graphics. Makes you nostalgic yet it a refreshing. It brings the Game Boy experience to a new level. And in this ambiance, there is Mina diving underground, hollowing, fighting her enemies and moving towards the ultimate goal.

Mina the Hollower System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements

OS – 64-bit processor, Windows 8 or higher
Memory – 2 GB RAM
Processor – Intel Core 2 Duo 2.1 ghz or similar or better
Graphics – Intel Core HD Graphics (2000/3000) 2nd Generation, 512MB
DirectX – Version 11

Mina the Hollower Release Date

Although the release date is not yet out, the full game is coming in December 2023 approximately.