Demon Gaze Extra Secret Trophies List

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Here are the Demon Gaze Extra secret trophies and what to do to achieve them. Demon Gaze Extra is an enhanced version of the game Demon Gaze EXTRA. It is primarily released for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

Demon Gaze is developed by Kadokawa Games and Experience Inc. and it is a dungeon crawl game. The events of the game starts from where its predecessor Students of the Round’s ends.

Demon Gaze Extra Secret Trophies List

Are These Feelings…? – You need to befriend Prometh.
Attack the Inn – Defeat Midgardsormr.
Beyond Muramasa – Acquire the Big Muramasa.
Demon Slayer! – Acquire the Sword of the Three Treasures.
Duel of the Counterparts – Take down Luna, the Moon Demon.
Keeping the Keeper – Defeat Aries, the Destiny Demon.
King Dar’s Ring – You need to acquire the Ring of the Three Treasures.
Model Resident – Get the Ultimate Renter’s Award.
One Happy Family – Befriend Fran.
Peace of the Land – You have defeat Archangel of Darkness.
Royal Paradise – Get into the King’s Eden.
Shark Party’s Over – Take down Lord Shark.
Supreme Gear – Reinforce a Unique Item to Max.
The Aegis in the Mirror – Acquire the Shield of the Three Treasures.
The Treasure Within – defeat the Midgard Head.
Trial of God – defeat Quasar, the Demon of Time.


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