Monster Hunter XX Has Been Confirmed As Upcoming Nintendo Switch Game

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Monster Hunter XX is another game which is coming to the Nintendo Switch game library. Capcom announced it officially through their official website. This game is a somewhat “expanded” version of Monster Hunter Generations which was out last year for the Nintendo 3DS.

There will be more information about Monster Hunter XX in the Monster Hunter Championship event on May 27th, which is just 1 day away. The game is currently only confirmed for Japan and a western version may be released later on.

The Monster Hunter series is incredibly popular among gamers and its roots can be found back in the PlayStation 2 era. You play as a monster hunter (kind of like a Witcher) and have to complete various quests and missions throughout the game by hunting down specific monsters.

Although this upcoming release is an amazing new feature in the Switch library; we still haven’t seen any major AAA titles released for the console. The Elder Scrolls Skyrim is still isn’t out for the console and there isn’t any news for it either.

While we know that it is easier to port games for the Nintendo Switch as compared to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Skyrim is nowhere to be seen. The official Nintendo Store does mentioned that the game will be out for the Switch in Fall 2017, it seems as if there isn’t any major news regarding it.

Switch is one of the most successful and best-selling consoles for Nintendo. But, there still is quite a lackluster gaming library by the developers. Sure, Zelda: breath of the wild was an incredible release and Mario Kart Deluxe 8 was another good one but there still aren’t any major AAA titles announced for the console.

Without a doubt though, the developer support will start pouring in soon enough.

For more updates, stay tuned.