Red Dead Redemption 2 May Get Some E3 2017 News as GameStop Speaks RDR 2 Delay

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GameStop discussed a wide range of topics at the Post-Earnings call with investors. The thing which caught our eye was the discussion about Red Dead Redemption 2, mainly the delay and the possibility of some game news to be shown off at E3 2017.

The company slickly said that Red Dead Redemption 2 is the kind of game which can “suck some dollars” from other games in the market, though GameStop is not changing the revenue “forecast”, they believe the same money will be spent on many other titles.

Management explains that “when you get a game like Red Dead, or what Red Dead was expected to do in the Fall, it’s going to suck some dollars away from the other games, so it’s not an entire impact when it moves. You’ll get some of the buyers that would have bought Red Dead buying Call of Duty or some of the other games, Destiny(2)”

The team also discussed the lack of Nintendo Switch stock as well as the RDR 2 delay saying “We don’t have great visibility” of when more units will be available. While some would suggest the company should downgrade their expected sales forecast, GameStop doesn’t find it necessary especially because of the RDR 2 “news” at E3 as well as the slew of other games, there is a good chance of sales for the company.

E3 is just around the corner and we’re going to be seeing some amazing new titles (as well as some old ones) coming our way. Some included titles we’re excited to see at E3 are Death Stranding, Last of US Part 2, Star Wars battlefront 2 and State of Decay 2 among many others.

What are you guys’ favorite upcoming games which will get an E3 reveal? Comment below.

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