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The latest in the NBA 2K franchise, NBA 2K17 is a basketball simulation game developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports. It simulates the experience of National Basketball Association (NBA), one of the biggest sporting events in North America. It is the successor to the NBA 2K16 game and is the 18th installment in the NBA 2K franchise.

This is a guide to show how to properly build a player in the MyPlayer mode of the game.

NBA 2K17 MyPlayer Guide


Height – 6’9”. This provides a bigger wing with boosts in boxing out, rebounds, blocks and dunks.

Wingspan – Recommended to go with a medium length of around 81.2” which provides a decent shooting boost.

Shoulder width – 23.7”. Wide shoulders will compensate for medium sized arms.

Weight – 210 lbs. This medium weight will slightly reduce boxout, strength and dunk but it also provides a decent movement speed.

Archetype – Small Forward. The main goal of point forward is to have a proper of mix of every element with the exception of agility and playmaking which are set to the max.

  • Shooting off Dribble – 2/15
  • Layups & Dunk – 3/16
  • Mid-Range Shooting – 2/16
  • 3PT Shooting – 2/15
  • Post Scoring – 0/7
  • Agility – 5/25
  • Strength – 0/8
  • Rebounding – 0/8
  • Playmaking – 5/25
  • Defending – 1/15

Make sure you play in the passing lanes where playmaking element comes into play. Push as quickly as possible and keep passing the ball. This is the purpose of a point forward.


Height – 6’1” With a relatively big height, there will be no decline in boosts.

Wingspan – Set this shorter, around 73.2”. This is to get shooting and off dribble bonuses.

Weight – Set this to around 180 lbs. This is to get the speed boost which is very important in this position.

Archetype – Sharpshooter. This provides access to shooting abilities and badges. However, off dribble element in this build is severely limited.

  • Shooting off Dribble – 2/11
  • Layups & Dunk – 2/7
  • Mid-Range Shooting –5/25
  • 3PT Shooting – 5/25
  • Post Scoring – 0/14
  • Agility – 3/15
  • Strength – 0/13
  • Rebounding – 1/12
  • Playmaking – 1/13
  • Defending – 1/15

To counter off-dribble, make sure that your face and shoulders are facing the rim, set your feet and then take the shot. Use your speed and shooting ability. Do not force a bad shot if your opponent commits hard hedge. When it comes to decent over screen defense, go for an easy basket. Take advantage of your agility when coming to tight ball.


Height – 6’4”. Do not go any taller than this as you need to be quick if it is a pick and roll game.

Weight – Keep it around 174 lbs. This will give you a huge boost in speed, acceleration, vertical and lateral quickness.

Wingspan – 75.2”. There isn’t a need to have long arms so keep this small. This gives good boosts on off dribble, open shot, contested shot and strength.

Archetype – Shot Creator. This gives a good off dribble and agility.

  • Shooting off Dribble – 25
  • Layups & Dunk – 18
  • Mid-Range Shooting – 17
  • 3PT Shooting – 13
  • Post Scoring – 14
  • Agility – 21
  • Strength – 8
  • Rebounding – 5
  • Playmaking – 14
  • Defending – 15

Pick and roll from wings to baseline drives. Keep looking for open lanes for opportunities to score. Hit the roll man to counter hard hedge which will get you assists as well.


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