NBA 2K17 Guide: How to Farm For VC

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The latest in the NBA 2K franchise, NBA 2K17 is a basketball simulation game developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports. It simulates the experience of National Basketball Association (NBA), one of the biggest sporting events in North America. It is the successor to the NBA 2K16 game and is the 18th installment in the NBA 2K franchise.

This guide will show how to farm for VC in the game.

How to Farm For VC in NBA 2K17

VC is the game currency and it is used to purchase clothes, accessories and upgrades. If the player is hesitant to spend money to get VC, look below for a guide to farm for VC.

The best way to get VC is in the MyCareer mode when the player attends endorsement meetings and events. Finish as many games as possible in the shortest time and attend these events for easy VC. Another way is to play in the difficulty setting of Hall Of Fame which gives around a 1000 VC per game but this is not recommended for new and rookie players.

Another way is to watch the NBA 2K TV clips which appear at the start of the game.

There is also a good way to farm for VC in the MyLeague mode. Let the CPU play the franchise games for you. Set the PC settings to control both teams and watch the match as the two teams play it out. At the end, the player is awarded with VC, depending upon the duration of the game. This is a good technique to get VC without actually doing anything. Just leave your controller and go do some other activity while the CPU makes VC for you.

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