NBA 2K22 Getting New Musical Themes From Bizarrap

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NBA 2K22 is collaborating with Bizarrap and that is going to bring four theme to the game. So it is more than just dribbling and scores. The teaming up brings exciting update to the game, letting you enjoy some refreshing music as you play.

NBA 2K22 with DJ Bizarrap has come up with the three songs being added so far: ‘ Snow Tha Product ‘ (#39), ‘ MORAD ‘ (#47) and ‘ Eladio Carrión ‘ (#40). The fourth song will be announced soon by 2K.

Though the fourth theme music is unknown as of now, it will add some enhancements to the game. Its existing issues apart, these theme music additions sure boosts player experience. With this partnership, Bizarrap music lands to the gaming world.


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