Valve’s Steam Deck Production Increases

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Valve has increased the production of Steam Deck. Steam Deck is already available to those who pre-ordered it. The console surpassed 1000 games playable and the list is growing.

The console will soon be available to the larger mass. Till then keep an eye on the exciting developments going on involving Steam Deck. Valve says

“We have worked hard to increase the number of Steam Decks that we can produce this year, and now we have a clearer view of our long-term production schedule,”

The company says we now have more than 1000 games made playable on Steam Deck. That’s huge! The games are fall into two groups, Verified and Playable, the first one signifying an absolute awesome run on the Steam Deck. The other refers to being playable with few issues.

Valve says

“Even as you’re reading this, there are people working on controller compatibility, enabling anti-cheat, and improving the player experience on Deck,”

“At the same time, we continue to fix Proton bugs that are causing problems in certain games on a daily basis, and we’ve also added new functionality to make other games compatible.”

So we can safely say that Steam Deck is just beginning and we are set to experience a exciting gaming experience on the brand new, already in demand comsole.