New Google Glass Wearables 2016 By Project Aura Team

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Google glass successor is anticipated to arrive by 2016. It is reported that Project Aura team is working on Google Glass successor. The team is working to revive Google Glass.
The next year will see some new Google Glass wearables 2016 devices coming from Google’s Project Aura team. One of the devices to coming next year will not have the iconic “glass” prism display. This version is aimed at the “sport” crowd. While there will also another device coming with the traditional “glass” HUD display. This is for the enterprise users.

Improvements Expected

  • Improved battery life
  • Improved wireless connectivity
  • Better heat management

It is reported that video streaming will be enhanced with a 5 GHz WiFi band. And the heating effect reduced by the use of a new chip.

We don’t have to wait for long as these new Google wearables are about to be launched in 2016. Although we don’t know but let’s  hope more affordable this time.