New Uncharted 4 Steelbook Edition revealed on Amazon

Uncharted 4 Steelbook Edition

An image of the new Steelbook Edition of the upcoming action game has been updated on the product page of Amazon Germany. The Steelbook case features a map of what seems to be some of the in-game locations.

Uncharted 4

This new Steelbook Edition appears to be different from the one featured in the Uncharted 4 Libertalia Collector’s Edition. The one in the latter depicts the main characters and is much more colorful than this.

Uncharted 4’s release date was recently pushed to April 2016. The game concludes the story of series protagonist Nathan Drake. It’s the final game in the franchise to be developed by Naughty Dog. However, a new Uncharted game in the series overall always remains a possibility.