Nintendo Switch Jailbreak; Should you be excited?

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The Nintendo Switch which is the latest in handheld consoles and one of the best-selling ones as well, has been jailbreaked by Luca Tedesco, the dev who was responsible for Yalu jailbreak for the IPad and IPhone.

What jailbreaking essentially is it allows the user to gain full access of the “behind the scenes” stuff inside a device, and have a pure control over every functionality of the device, at least software wise, there are numerous jailbreaks for iOS as well as android devices.

Just the jailbreak alone means nothing, if the device gets jailbroken but there is no other developer who will provide it with tweaks and other features, then the jailbreak is essentially useless. You need many developers optimizing different aspects of the device before its usability can be measured.

Nintendo Switch is available for $299.99, but the device is facing a worldwide shortage as of now.