Nintendo Switch Launch Titles and Price Hinted at by Nintendo President

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Tatsumi Kimishima, president of Nintendo, spoke in a financial results briefing about the Nintendo Switch launch titles and pricing, while constantly reminding the interviewer and anyone reading to look out for the presentation Nintendo will hold in January 2017 where they will reveal many details about the system as well as specific games that will be running for it.

For now, though, we only have what’s teased in this Q&A. “Regarding the price, as we have been saying, we are, in principle, not planning to sell it at a loss,” stated Kimishima. “We would also like to think in terms of consumers’ expectations for our products.” So, Nintendo wants profits but they also don’t want to alienate consumers who have already come to expect a certain range from them. The Wii started at $250 and the Wii U at $300; it’s fair to expect the Switch to be priced at $400 at the highest.

Kimishima also confirmed that in the January 2017 presentation we will know the Nintendo Switch launch titles. “Knowing about the variety of plans that we have not announced via the introductory video, including the software lineup, I myself am very much looking forward to the launch of Nintendo Switch. I also hope that all of you can experience the system for yourselves in January.”

We will hold our breaths until January. One thing we do know is the release date: March 2017.