PlayStation VR Sales are “On Track”, Sony Betting on PS4 Pro

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Sony held an earnings briefing today where they claim the PlayStation VR sales are “on track”, for being in the market less than a month. The company also said “this month, we plan to launch the PS4 Pro, a high value-added model”.

Sony is saying they expect the PS4 Pro to wonders for them. We stated previously we agree with this belief. The PlayStation VR, on the other hand, still has to prove itself even though it’s already out, especially when it comes to the software. But sales doing well is already a great start, it means Sony will invest more in the product and it’ll be on store shelves for a long time. It remains to be seen what percentage of these sales will hold over time after the initial hype has died down.

It’s happened many times in the past with innovative technology, like the Kinect, that people buy it and they lose interest quickly, after which they preach to their friends how the device lacks quality software, decreasing sales in the long run. The answer, of course, is to make great games for the device. The PlayStation VR still has to deliver on that front.