No Man’s Sky Can Be Completed in Under 30 Hours?

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No Man’s Sky quickly became one of the most anticipated PS4 titles when it was first unveiled in 2013, and now that it’s one week away from release some concerns are popping up. The main reserve surrounding the game has always been that it would become repetitive – since it’s dynamically generated, it’s possible the space exploration could become redundant after a while. But now a new problem has popped up since Reddit user Daymeehun has gotten access to an early copy – its length.

Daymeehun claims that there’s an easily-obtainable resource that can be used to fuel warp jumps, which allows players to reach the center of the galaxy – the “goal” of the game – in 30 hours.

“The pacing was going okay until I ran into these and then it just skewed everything for me,” he claims. Certainly, No Man’s Sky has a lot to prove when it releases on August 9.