Stardew Valley Guide: Getting Hay

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A reminiscent of Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley is a farm simulator RPG game. Players need to look after their farms and become a part of Pelican Town by exploring various areas. There are tons of things to do to become the best farmer in the game.

This Getting Hay guide will show how to get hay.

Stardew Valley Guide: Getting Hay

Hay is important to feed livestock like chicken. The player can buy it at Marine’s Farm at 50 grams a pop.

Stardew Valley Wiki Guide: Getting Hay


The cheaper way is to get a silo. Using the silo, the player can cut down grass with the scythe and automatically have hay transferred over. Simple technique – Find patches of grass, slice them up, and have hay go right to the silo.

Hay should not be used all the time as it can get pretty expensive. A balance between feeding hay and other things is recommended.