No Man’s Sky Guide: Getting A High Level Blueprint

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This game features 18 quintillion stars which a large diversity of flora and fauna. Blueprints are technologies the player must obtain to craft products and advanced chemical structures.

This guide will show how to get a high level blueprint.

Getting A High Level Blueprint

The more blueprints the player gathers, the wider the range of products and upgrades the player can make.

Blueprints are found in a variety of places including caves, crashed ships, old machinery, buildings, underwater, storage boxes, etc. Some blueprints are on sale in the marketplace. Follow the steps to get a high level blueprint.

  1. Locate a Trading Station with Sentinel Nearby
  2. Get inside the Station and head underneath to Find one
  3. Start the fight with the Sentinel
  4. Once you get the Wanted Level Use your Jetpack(Don’t Kill)
  5. Make your way towards the 3 sided area with landing pads
  6. Let the Wanted level increase until Quadrupedal Sentinel shows up
  7. No one attacks you, but find an angle to be able to attack it
  8. Let One Sentinel Witness you when you take down the Quadrupedal
  9. Max out Wanted Level will spawn Bipedal Walker in your area
  10. Take down the Bipedal with grenades then the rest of the Sentinels
  11. Find the fallen Keg of the Bipedal which has the High-Level Blueprint
  12. Repeat the Process at another Trading Station

Note – As you can see, this requires a lot of fighting so make sure your suit shield and boltcaster are upgraded enough. Do not leave the area until the fight is over. If the wanted level is 5, go to outer space and return to the atmosphere to get rid of the wanted level.

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