No Man’s Sky Guide: Multi-Tool Farming For Slots

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For mining and scanning purposes, the player has a multi-tool in the game. It comes with 5 slots at the beginning and has a maximum capacity of 24.

This guide will show how to quickly expand the slot limit to 24.

No Man's Sky Guide: Multi-Tool Farming For Slots

Multi-tool 24 Slot Farming

Upgrading this tool can be very time consuming. The player can obtain it by talking to various NPCs who offer upgrades or find an outpost that has one mounted on the wall. Here is the trick to do it fast.

  1. Stick to one system but not a Gek one as they rarely provide multi-tool upgrades. On every planet, there will be two types of multi-tool upgrades-One which is with Max slot Tool and other will be below your current upgrade level.
    1. Note: You need to have a Good Amount of Units to Buy and Upgrade your Multi-Tool.
  2. Look for a place with a single landing pad on the planet you are exploring.
  3. Land your ship and go inside the building.
  4. Search for a red box on the wall which will have a multi-tool upgrade.
  5. Then, go and fly to the next single landing pad on the same planet and repeat the procedure.
  6. Do the same for different planets of the same system.

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