No Man’s Sky Guide: Using HyperDrive Upgrades, Distance And Combinations

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HyperDrive in this game allows the player’s ship to attain warp speed and is extremely fast. Upgrading this tech can allow the player to scale a distance of one light year in just one jump. So if you are try find out how to get HyperDrive, then read on.

This guide will provide information on the HyperDrive upgrades, distance and combinations.

How to use HyperDrive Upgrades

Three upgrades are available for HyperDrive-Reactor Sigma, Reactor Tau and Reactor Theta.

The Upgrades are associated with different Category of Star Systems as shown below.

  • Default: You can Warp to Yellow Stars
  • Sigma Upgrade: You can Warp to Red Stars
  • Tau Upgrade: You can Warp to Green Stars
  • Theta Upgrade: You can Warp to Blue/White Stars

Note: If you upgrade the higher tier before the lower upgrades then result will be affected.

Distance by Upgrade

Trying various combinations in a sensible manner can get the player an additional 5% bonus to upgrade per link.

Here are the various combinations you can try to warp distance according to the Upgrades.

Normal Upgrades

  • HyperDrive: 100 Light Years
  • Adding Sigma: 300 Light Years
  • Adding Tau: 500 Light Years
  • Adding Theta: 900 Light Years

Combination Upgrades(Bonus for Connecting them to Grid)

  • Default + Sigma + Tau: 700 Light Years
  • Default + Sigma + Theta: 1100 Light Years
  • Default + Tau + Theta: 1300 Light Years
  • Default + Sigma + Tau + Theta: 1500 Light Years

Combination Upgrades(without Grid connection)

  • Default + Sigma + Tau: 735 Light Years
  • Default + Sigma + Tau + Theta: 1600 Light Years

You can find the complete No Man’s Sky Guide here.

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