No Man’s Sky Guide: Suspension Fluid Farming

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In this game, there are technology components which are crafted in an empty slot in the crafting menu. A blueprint and the required resources are required for this purpose. This newly crafted component can then be attached to the player’s suit, weapon or ship.

This Suspension Fluid Farming guide will show how to farm for Suspension Fluid.

No Man’s Sky Guide: Suspension Fluid Farming

This is a non-reactive and pressure-resistant liquid. It is used to make starship and exosuit tech. Electron Vapor also requires this fluid.

Once the player obtain the blueprint, 50 copper is required to craft Suspension Fluid. For getting the blueprint, the player needs to explore alien bases. The easiest way to do this is to interact with the console to shut down the alarm and get the blueprints.

Another way is through a trade terminal at the Space Station. Every station has different prices so it is recommended to find one between 1500 and 2000 units.

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