No Man’s Sky Guide: Types Of Ships

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In this new game, the player has to travel to different planets across different galaxies and gather resources and valuables for upgrades. For some upgrades, the player needs to spend Units (The in game currency) which are earned by trading at Space Stations.

This Types Of Ships guide will describe the various types of ships in the game.

No Man’s Sky Guide: Types Of Ships

Ship Types

Each ship is different so it is imperative to have a basic knowledge of these ships in order to buy one wisely.

Cargo Ships

Once the player finds a good trade route, get a cargo ship to earn units from the space station.

Fighter Ships

For combat purpose, this ship is used. Join factions and upgrade the ship to take down anyone who is in the way.

Exploration Ship

There are 18 quintillion planets in the game so having one of these ships is a good idea. The player’s goal is to reach the center of the universe and this ship gets there the fastest.

Ship Upgrades

Different upgrades are available at the space station for different ship types at different rates. For example, for an exploration ship, hyperdrive fuel upgrade is the best to travel faster.

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