Pokemon GO Makes $200 Million First Month, Breaks Record

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Pokemon GO breaks a sales record which is a surprise to no one considering how huge it is. The game has been out for a whole month now and has made over $200 million dollars, beating out Clash Royale which previously held the record for biggest income in its debut month for a mobile game, with $125 million.

The game is free, but these earnings come from players spending real money to buy in-game PokeDollars which allows them to buy items like Pokeballs. There’s no other way to buy items other than going to stops, so spending money is a way to not travel constantly around town to get more balls.

As the game gets harder, each Pokemon will take more balls to catch, which drains them fast. After all, Pokemon GO follows the Freemium model which needs to incentivize players to spend cash to work financially.